Dow Jones Layoffs Extend to WSJ Newsroom

The newspaper business is not for the lighthearted.

Weeks after Dow Jones cut more than 40 staffers from its Professional Information Business and circulation department, a new round of layoffs is hitting The Wall Street Journal’s newsroom.

Capital New York reports that roughly 30 staffers are getting the axe. A spokesperson for the Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees (IAPE) union, which represents hundreds of Journal staffers, said the layoffs will likely not hit triple digits. So hey, great!

In what seems like a sign of the times, The New York Times reports that Journal staffers greeted the latest round of cuts with a shrug:

Within the newsroom, said current and former staff members, speaking on condition of anonymity to describe a sensitive situation, reporters and editors have grown used to losing colleagues. Dow Jones has opted to make cuts quietly, they said, and so it is not unexpected to find previously occupied desks empty.