Dow Jones News Fund Places 8% More Interns This Year!

an intern’s life. flickr: Steve Webel

The Dow Jones News Fund is sending 84 interns to work this summer, eight percent more than last year. And these interns? Are actually getting paid.

“At a time when the news industry is undergoing a major transformation and it isn’t clear what it will eventually look like, the commitment of publishers to train a new generation of journalists is both critical and encouraging,” said Rich Holden, executive director of the Dow Jones News Fund, in a statement.

Each intern is paid at least $350 a week for ten weeks or more, plus a $1000 scholarship if the intern is going back to school in the fall. They get pre-internship training courtesy of the Dow Jones News Fund and transportation. This is supposed to help the news organization that is hiring the intern save some money…but really, it probably just saves the intern some money, which is cool too.

To apply for a 2011 internship with the DJNF, wait until August and then click this link.

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