Dow Jones News Fund Places 84 Paid Interns – 8 Percent More Than Last Year

According to a release by the Dow Jones Fund, the Fund will send 84 college undergraduate and graduate students out of a pool of 600 applicants to work as paid interns, focusing on sports and news copy.

The 84 interns represents an 8 percent increase from last year, signaling that publications are once again hiring for the summer. Explains Rich Holden, the Fund’s executive director:

At a time when the news industry is undergoing a major transformation and it isn’t clear what it will eventually look like, the commitment of publishers to train a new generation of journalists is both critical and encouraging.

Indeed it is!

The selected interns will work a minimum of 10 weeks, with those returning to college each receiving $1,000 scholarships. For all the participating schools and institutions, check out Poynter, which has the full release.