Downsized Journalists Get Help From CJR

The Columbia Journalism Review, the bi-monthly publication of Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism program, is offering sanctuary for laid-off media folk that have been hit hard during this economic downturn. The paper will be offering the first ever “Encore” fellowship for journalists willing to work for CJR for nine months. Which kind of just sounds like a job, but who are we to turn our noses away at one of those?

Says CJR’s press release:

The Columbia Journalism Review has selected four leading journalists as the first group of CJR Encore Fellows, a new initiative—the first of its kind in the news industry—that will provide downsized professionals with a writing position as well as support to help them choose how best to use their experience in the years ahead. Their work will be featured in the magazine and on over a nine-month period beginning in late October.

The four lucky recipients are; Lisa Anderson (formerly of The Chicago Tribune),Jill Drew (<a href="">Washington Post), Terry McDermott (Los Angeles Times), and Don Terry (Pulitzer Prize winner for The New York Times in 2001). Partnering with CJR are The Poynter Institute and Civic Ventures.

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