Dr. Friedman’s Ex-Girlfriend Gives Him the Baby Test

Elizabeth Thorp, a D.C. writer and owner of EDT Communications, knows Dr. Cooper Friedman (a drama-filled physician in an on-again off-again relationship with Charlotte the sex therapist on ABC’s Private Practice). Thorp knows him, as in, she’s the TV doc’s ex-girlfriend from the ninth grade – in real life. (She says he dumped her in high school for a hottie named Barbara. She’s still getting over it in therapy, she jokes.)

This week the D.C. correspondent for Momlogic.com writes about Paul Adelstein (Dr. Friedman’s name in real life) in a story for Momlogic.com headlined: Dr. Friedman Would Breastfeed If He Could.

With Adelstein and his wife expecting a baby, Thorp gave him the parent-ready test. How hands on will he be? “If only I had breasts,” he replied.

An excerpt:
“I recently met with childhood friend and faux pediatrician Paul Adelstein in Hollywood to catch up and find out how he and his actress wife, Liza Weil (best known as Paris Geller on “Gilmore Girls”), are prepping for parenthood.”

“Paul is a native Chicagoan and an Obama supporter, and is anxious to visit Washington, DC (for obvious reasons).”

Read the full story here.

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