Dragon Go! for iPhone Update: Voice Query Spotify, WolframAlpha, Ask.com, Dictionary.com and Google+

Nuance released an update to the free Dragon Go! for iPhone app that adds Spotify, Wolfram|Alpha, Ask.com, Dictionary.com and Google+ to the list of content sources that can be queried by voice.

Nuance’s Dragon Go! Expands Direct Access to Answers, Movies, Music and More

Examples of the additional question and command types available are:

Play ‘name of song’ to use Spotify Premium to stream a song
Watch ‘name of TV show or movie’ to use Netflix (account needed) to watch a video
Find ‘person name’ on Google+ to find the person’s Google+ profile
What is the definition of ‘word to define’ finds a word’s definition using Dictionary.com
What is the square root of 10 (or other computational questions) to invoke WolframAlpha’s decision engine

I was able to invoke mostly appropriate responses from all of the content sources except for WolframAlpha in my tests. You can see in the screenshot here that the square root question brought up CNN as a content source. Other simple computational questions also used CNN as a content source for some reason.

You can find the 1.1 update in the iTunes App Store:

Dragon Go!

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