Drew Carey Mentions Price Is Right Coming To Facebook In June

As the current host of one of TV’s longest-running game show “Price is Right”, Drew Carey is doing what it takes to keep the show’s flames lit and prevent obsolescence. He welcomes the inauguration of the game show on major platforms like iPhone, Xbox and Wii and soon: Facebook.

The Facebook adaptation of the game, which debuts in June, should be an exciting opportunity for people to connect with the game show and share it with their friends. Although we don’t have many details, Keith Hindle, CEO of FremantleMedia, expects such platform adaptations to both increase profits and visibility. FremantleMedia Enterprises’s core responsibility is managing the game show’s licensing and brand extensions. Likely, the game will follow the family feud model, which is doing really well on Facebook.

“I love it. I don’t think they’re doing as much as they should be doing. Business-wise, you should take advantage of every media stream you can,” Carey said, adding, “I want to be part of a gig that’s doing new things and trying stuff.”

Carey joined the show in October of 2007 following the retirement of Bob Barker. Bob had hosted the show ever since its first debut on CBS in 1972, even though the original “The Price is Right” commenced on NBC in 1956. Carey, having had to fill those shoes, has displayed an adamant stride in helping the show continue to retain its authenticity and adapt to the next era. Blessed by Carey’s comedic aura, contestants still gleefully prance towards the stage and try to win prizes by guessing the correct retail value of the prizes.

“I look at it as owning a house. Any homeowner can relate: You’re never, ever done with your house,” Carey said. “New rug, new bathroom tile, but it’s still the same house. It’s still the same game.”

The Price is Right has seen an increase in 10 percent viewership compared to last year, helping it rank among the top 5 daytime programs and we expect Facebook to help push it even further and be remembered as an all time classic.