Drones Are Now Trying to Capture Human’s Attention by Only Playing Music

Drones are constantly adapting to their environment since their environment often includes people who do not appreciate being captured on a drone camera they can’t see. That’s why these particular musical drones are trying to capture human attention using only musical instrument. They realized that some people are even willing to pay for music and only the government is allowed to capture secret photos of people while asking the same subjects for money.

Conversely, some drones are being used to do human tasks and not just looking at them. They are good at shooting a gun but they can also go things like protect a home during an insecure invasion because a human decided to put a taser instead of a gun on a home drone. The drones we are showing you today can probably dance if they want to, but they are only playing music. They can be controlled so they can probably play any music you want. It’s better than pirating music, but they can’t compose music yet, so you will need to find a good score or pay for your own songwriter. Either way, they are easily distracted when you give them a task so you can do, as these filmakers do, capture a drone with a camera. It’s acoustical irony because it’s drone music.

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