Droog Plans to Open Small Hotel in Amsterdam

Fresh off the popularity of the townhouse they designed and showed off at last year’s Design Miami, Droog has once again teamed with the Tokyo-based architecture firm Atelier Bow-Wow to create a new hotel in Amsterdam, just a short walk down the street from their storefront there. The hotel will be a members-only setup (see: expensive), but will also include a restaurant and an exhibition space. They promise more details soon, but in the interim, here’s what they’re offering:

Leaving the canal-facing front facade intact, Atelier Bow-Wow created an intricate inner courtyard facade inspired by Amsterdam’s historic architecture. The hotel restaurant will host new concept dinners by invited designers and chefs, improvising with local market left-overs and practicing the act of eating slowly yet attentively. The street level will house an on-going program of Droog exhibitions and events.