DropBox For Android

I’ve written previously about how I use DropBox to synchronize important files across my multiple computers and mobile devices. Today the official DropBox Android app was released, and I immediately installed it on my Nexus One. In addition to providing access to files, DropBox provides some nice features for uploading pictures, videos, audio, and text files and sharing files.

To upload a picture, select Menu, Upload, which provides a list of upload options. You can take a new picture, which starts the camera, or import a picture already in the photo gallery. One tip with uploading is if you want the file to be in a folder, open the folder first then upload the file to that folder. The DropBox Android app does not have a way to move files between folders .

To share pictures or other files in DropBox, from the Android app, tap and hold on the file name for a menu of options that include Copy A Link To This File, E-Mail A Link To This File, and Share A Link To This File. All three options generate a unique URL to the file which times out after about three days. Copy puts the URL in the clipboard so that you can paste it into other Android apps. E-Mail creates a complete e-mail message with the link, and Share provides a way to post the link on social network sites and other apps like Evernote. When I tried Sharing a link in Facebook I got strange results, with people being able to open the link but not able to comment on it, and I am not able to see the link on my own profile.

The DropBox Android app is free and DropBox provides 2G of free storage. If you need it, DropBox provides 50 GB of storage for $9.99 per month.

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