Drowning In Student Loan Debt, Man Tries To Sell His B.A. On EBay

A man listed his Purdue B.A. in psychology on eBay last week in a tongue-in-cheek attempt to pay off his student loans, reports MainStreet.com.

Nick Enlow, 29, had hoped to raise awareness of post-college debt and the value of an education after he realized that the degree hadn’t helped him land a job that would allow him to cover his $470-a-month Sallie Mae payment.

eBay decided yesterday that the listing was a ToS violation and removed it from the site, but by that time, Sallie Mae had already contacted Enlow about renegotiating his payment plan.

Which he could have done without the media stunt, but hey.

The degree was going on eBay for $36,000, with no returns.

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