‘Drunk Tweets’ Art Takes Trashed Tweets To The Next Level

Twitter + alcohol does not mix. Or, sometimes it does, but it probably shouldn’t… unless that combination results in something as quirky as these little art pieces from an intrepid graphic artist.

“Drunk Tweets” is a series of miniature paintings of everyone’s favorite little blue bird (who we now know is named Larry) getting his drink on with fellow flustered fowl.

Cnet spoke with creator Josh Ellingson. And while he didn’t say that any particular bird is inspired by any particular drunk tweet sent (and then regretted) by someone he knows, he did explain that,

“A lot of my friends are pretty inspirational when they’ve had a few and I’d make mental notes while toasting to their health.”

As he works on completing his latest Drunk Tweet canvas, Ellingson posts progress pics on his Instagram to satiate a growing number of fans.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has been the inspiration for art. A while back, the @TW1TT3Rart account started tweeting ASCII-style 140-character art for a few years, a group paired tweets with geolocation and images, and even Pillsbury got in on the fun with tweet-controlled Toaster Strudel icing.

You can view (and purchase, if you’re looking for a cute stocking stuffer for a Twitter addict) the entire collection of Drunk Tweets over on Etsy. Each Drunk Tweet canvas is about 3×3 in size, and is signed by the artist on the back.

(Image via Etsy)