Drync Wine Pro Goes On Sale

Over the last several years I have developed an interest in wine. It was intimidating to start because there are so many different wines at different prices, but a friend recommended a few different ones to try and advised that the only way to learn more about wine is to try different types and decide which I like.

Of course, if you are trying several different types and vineyards you need a way to keep track of the different wines, and fortunately several smartphone apps are available for researching and tracking wines. Highly regarded Drync Wine Pro, which normally costs $4.99, is now on sale for $.99 and that price is available for both the iOS and Android versions. A free, ad-supported version of this app is also available.

I purchased the Android version and tested it on my Nexus S. The app has two main sections, top wines, and cellar. The top wines section provides a listing of featured wines, the most popular, and most wanted wines, while the cellar is where the information that you enter for wines is stored. Before you can add wines to your cellar you will need to create a Drync.com account, which you can do for free directly from the app.

The cellar has tabs for wines you drank, own, and want. You can use the want tab as a shopping list for when you go to a market, and once you buy a bottle you can update the entry to indicate that you own it. More importantly, as you drink a bottle you will want to update the information with notes about how you liked it and whether to buy it again.

Finally, you can use Drync Wine to look up wines as you are shopping or to browse and discover new wines. In my experience I was able to search for all of the wines that I own by year and label, though not all wines in Drync.com’s database has reviews. The site claims to have a database of 1.3 million wines with 500,000 reviews. While the app has a recognition engine optimized for wine that makes entering text faster, I think it would be really useful if the app leveraged Google Goggles to perform image recognition on pictures of labels taken with the smartphone’s camera.

In my brief experience, Drync Wine Pro appears to be a very useful app. If you don’t want to spend the money to buy the Pro version, you can go with the free, ad-supported version, but I think it is worth the $.99 not not have the ads. The sale price is good until September 30.

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