Dubai Stunt Driving YouTube Video Sparks Controversy & Leads To Arrests

Last week a YouTube video of two stunt drivers on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai began circulating the web. The video shows two 4×4 vehicles doing donuts and driving on two wheels in the middle of the highway. Over the last few days since the video hit YouTube there has been a lot of chatter and a lot of controversy going around, culminating in the arrest of both drivers earlier today.

The guys in the video clearly have some mad driving skills, but their talents were far outshined by the controversy surrounding this illegal driving clip. Viewers from around the globe watched in awe, believing that this is standard practice in Dubai and making derogatory comments bashing Arab drivers and talking about how Dubai doesn’t have any police to deal with irresponsible drivers. It didn’t help that the most popular YouTube clip of the event, with nearly 300,000 views, is called ‘What Really Happens On Dubai Motorways’, making it seem as though stunt drivers on the highway is a common occurrence in Dubai.

In an interview with Arabian Business, Peter Richardson of the Emirates Driving Institute says, “That sort of thing is not an everyday occurrence out on the road, let’s be fair.” He said that the drivers in the clip should be identified and punished. This morning Richardson’s wish came true.

Arabian Business reported that the “Dubai Police have impounded the two vehicles at the center of last week’s ‘stunt’ driving controversy on Sheikh Zayed Road, and arrested the cars’ owners.” The suspects face up to three years in jail if they are convicted, all thanks to YouTube.

I wonder if these stunt drivers would have been hunted down and arrested if the video of their joyride had not been posted to YouTube, or if the Dubai police felt more of a responsibility to respond to the crime because of the attention the video drew. What do you think?

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