“New Yorkers Are So Ubnoctious”: Has One Of Your Tweets Made It To The Dumbest Tweets Tumblr?

Someone was bound to create it sometime: a Tumblr blog highlighting the dumbest tweets on Twitter.

With gems like “if i die, i die a death worth living” and “All I know is Buffalo Wings taste just like Chicken to me! ‘Shrugs'”, this blog is a hugely entertaining read – as long as your brain can handle the atrocious spelling, face-palm-worthy grammar and mind-numbing leaps of (il)logic.

There are all sorts of people on Twitter. Old, young, men, women, new to social media and old hands… and we all make mistakes from time to time. So I feel bad for sharing this blog, in a way, because I’m sure a lot of the tweets are just honest, one-off mistakes from otherwise quite average individuals.

But, you aren’t here to think about that, are you? You’re here for some laughs… and that’s what you’ll get.

The Tumblr blog in question is called “Dumbest Tweets. Ever”, and it certainly lives up to its name. In a nutshell, it is all about highlighting those tweets that definitely don’t deserve highlighting:

“The bad spelling, grammar, logic and overall foolishness that happens in 140 characters. Twitter’s chock full of them.

Friends don’t let friends end up here.

Submit any you come across. And hope you don’t end up here.”

You’ll notice that the blog asks for submissions… meaning anyone, and everyone, can add their favorite worst tweet. So you’d best hope your recent timeline is free from embarrassing spelling mistakes, because you never know who’s reading!

As for the tweets themselves, they’re gold. Here are a few personal favorites:

And there’s plenty more on the blog. Happy browsing!

Image by NinaMalyna via Shutterstock