Dunkin’ Donuts Reveals Fried Egg, Bacon and Doughnut Breakfast Sandwich

Brands need to be creative and resourceful to survive in today’s global marketplace. Companies must do more with less and invent ways to increase revenue while keeping overhead at a minimum.

So the public understands that Pizza Hut created stuffed rollers or McDonald’s now offers egg-white only options for its breakfast menu. Those ingredients are already sitting there in the kitchen. Why not experiment a little? Well, Dunkin’ Donuts is doing just that too, though with a bolder attitude.

On Friday, the Boston-based brand will introduce a mix of ingredients that could only result from physically picking up a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise and shaking it like a snow globe. The idea is colorfully spirited and perplexing yet mixed with a little food shame. Behold the Fried Egg, Bacon and Doughnut breakfast sandwich, the platypus of breakfast foods.

There is something about human nature that enjoys sticking it to the man. With everything we constantly hear about health, death and precarious tightrope we all walk until we fall off, it’s nice to see a product that screams, “Oh to hell with everything. I’m going to indulge my sense of mortality, and moan with debased culinary delight as I do.”

This sandwich is all about gluttony, and that’s part of its PR appeal. Though Dunkin’ Donuts states that the Fried Egg, Bacon and Doughnut sandwich is the product of serious attempts to mix savory with sweet—with similar food items in the pipeline—the public knows this is also about publicity. After all, we’re writing about it, so it’s a PR stunt that is working. (Well played, Dunkin Doughnuts.)

Beyond PR value, will an increasingly health conscious public buy into the Fried Egg, Bacon and Doughnut sandwich? It’s only 360 calories, but as the discerning public knows, there is more to food than calories. There is nutrition. And temptation.