Dylan Ratigan on Complex ‘Truth to Power’ Mission

MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan is funny and animated and has a lot of complex thoughts – one simple one being that he has zero plans to ever insult any fellow MSNBC host, especially not Keith Olbermann on air (he’s no Donny Deutsch). “Especially Keith,” Ratigan said, explaining that “he should have influence” within the network because his ratings are high.

Just before dinner, FishbowlDC caught up with Ratigan before descending the final escalator of The Hilton to the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The host stood out in his dark suit and stark white Chuck Taylor’s that conspicuously had no shoe laces. “They’re slip ons,” Ratigan explained to a discerning Sam Stein of HuffPost. The host explained that he owns several pairs of slip on sneakers.

Onto more important subjects. Ratigan said he believes his show represents a “truth to power” brand. Come again? “If you’re in favor of game rigging in government, I will come after you,” he warned.

How about phrasing that so regular people can understand? “Truth to Power,” Ratigan said, repeating the mantra. “We’re trying to make a business out of telling it how it is. America is like a country that is going to have a heart attack in five years. My job is to prepare. I think game riggers are scum.”

Okay then.

So who does Ratigan admire? First off, he thinks NBC’s Matt Lauer (who also attended the WHCD) is one of the most underrated interviewers “in America” today. Secondly, he regularly watches Glenn Beck’s show on FNC? “Absolutely I watch Glenn Beck,” he said. “I look at the entire right as having valid concerns. I think Glenn Beck is observing a horrible problem and doing nothing to help it.”