E3 2015: Beeline Interactive Unveils Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter for Mobile

The match-three puzzle battle game will see players collecting and battling with characters from the entire Ghostbuster franchise.

At E3 2015, Capcom’s Beeline Interactive officially unveiled Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter, its upcoming match-three puzzle battle game set in the Ghostbusters universe. The game allows players to collect characters and ghosts from the entire Ghostbusters universe, taking them into turn-based battles against the monsters of New York.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter will feature 32 characters at launch, including characters from the original films, as well from Ron Alexander’s Ghost Smashers and the Ghostbusters comic books. Speaking with SocialTimes, Beeline Europe director of product development, Jody Sherry, told us another 16 characters are planned for the game’s first set of updates. The game features an entirely new story and story mode to complete, as well as a multiplayer events mode.

At launch, Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter will feature five main story episodes, with each split into multiple battles. Before each battle, players can choose three characters for their team, each with different special abilities. During each battle, players create matches with three-or-more like symbols, with the symbol color relating to (and charging) these special abilities and attacks, which can be triggered once filled. As battles are turn-based, players must balance their focus between collecting their own necessary colors, and preventing the enemy from collecting large amounts of their own.

Separate booster and “assist” systems are also available, and can be activated before heading into combat. Assists are one-time use character powers with various effects, while boosters are secondary power-ups, which may provide the team with extra health in the upcoming battle, as one example.

Sherry told us the game is heavily focused on strategy, so players can analyze the opposing team and make the best decisions for their character, booster and assist selections before entering combat.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter

While playing, gamers may run into multiple action tiles, which shake up the progression of battle. These include the ability for monsters to confuse one of the player’s characters, so they attack themselves, or items for evasion, poison, bombs and more.

Sherry explained:

All of the things that affect the characters in the game also have an associated tile on the board, so you can use your puzzle play skills to clear those tiles and remove those effects, or add effects to your opponent.

After each battle, players may win upgrade cards for their characters, new assists or boosters. When players use these character upgrade cards, their specific powers may receive a boost, while the overall character will also level up. Players collect free currency, ice, while playing, and can spend this to manually upgrade characters as well.

Gold, the game’s premium currency, can be used to purchase additional character, assist and booster slots, or to unlock health packs for their team. These health packs are used to heal characters back to 100 percent after they’re damaged in battle. When players run out of health packs, they can choose a different character for their team or simply wait to receive more.

Sherry said players should earn enough gold for free to unlock the necessary number of character, assist and booster slots over time, if they’re patient. Both free and premium currency can also be used to purchase new character cards outright, with premium cards being more valuable than free cards.

Outside of single-player gameplay, Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter will usually offer two to three time limited events at any one time, which see gamers completing asynchronous multiplayer battles against computer-controlled, but player-designed teams. Participating in these events will see players receiving victory points after each battle, with certain points milestone relating to rewards, including ice, gold, character cards and more.

Ghostbusters Puzzle Fighter is expected to hit iOS this summer. The game is also in development for Android. E3 attendees will have a chance for a photo opportunity with the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 vehicle, which will be parked inside Capcom’s booth during the show.

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