EA Games Earns Human Rights Campaign’s Stamp of Approval for LGBT Equality

When video games are discussed in the context of PR, it’s often because certain popular games have stirred controversy over issues like the portrayal of women, the glorification of violence, or super-macho plot lines, so we thoroughly enjoy being able to bring you a positive PR story related to the gaming industry.

EA Games, maker of popular franchises like the FIFA and Madden game series, has scored a perfect 100% on the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) “Best Places to Work 2014” Corporate Equality Index, which, according to the HRC website, is the national benchmarking tool on corporate policies and practices pertinent to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement that recognizes corporate policies and practices that demonstrate a commitment to LGBT equality and inclusion,” wrote EA on its website. “In addition to this exciting achievement, EA was busy around the world throughout the year supporting local Pride Parades where our employees live and work. From San Fransisco to Los Angeles, Seattle to Stockholm, Vancouver to Austin and finally in Orlando, everyone who came out to join EA and show their support and pride had an amazing time.”

Some of the LGBT events and initiatives in which EA has been involved this year include February’s Full Spectrum event, created to highlight LGBT issues in the video game industry, and GaymerX, the first convention aimed specifically at LGBT gamers and allies.

Not only is this hugely positive PR for EA and the gaming industry, but the fact that HRC’s 2013 list includes 304 companies — when the same list included a mere 13 a decade ago — suggests that companies of all kinds are heading in a more inclusive and progressive direction. In fact, according to the report (PDF), the top rated businesses this year span nearly every industry and major geography of the United States. Furthermore, 2013 marks the first time in history that over 60 percent of the Fortune 500 include both sexual orientation and gender identity protections. Good PR and a reason for our faith in humanity to get a boost? Day made.

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