EA Launches Lord of Ultima Open Beta With Facebook Connect

EA’s latest browser-based strategy game, Lord of Ultima, leverages Facebook Connect to allow you to play the game with friends from your social graph. The game itself is a city-building game where you collect resources to build a city and empire on a large world map.

The game recently entered Open Beta, and its Facebook Connect feature isn’t particularly advanced in the game, but is seamless and only takes two clicks, which is the entire point of Facebook Connect in the first place. In about 30 seconds, I can connect with any of my friends (Facebook users have an average of 130 friends) and play the game with them, rather than the random people I’d normally play with.

The game itself is a standard resource collecting game that leverages the Ultima world, made classic by Richard Garriott. It’s defined as an MMORTS (Real-Time Strategy) game, where building an army is a rigorous step by step process, and the game takes time and patience. It is quite different from the quick 5 minute gameplay games taking over the social games sphere on Facebook right now.

Interesting to note that Richard Garriott no longer works with Electronic Arts, and has started his own Social Gaming company called Portalarium, which we recently analyzed.