EA Launches Minions Paradise on iOS, Android

The game asks players to build a tropical resort the Minions, who have become stranded on an island.

Electronic Arts, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Partnerships & Licensing have announced the worldwide release of Minions Paradise on iOS and Android devices. Starring the popular Minions characters made famous in Despicable Me, the game allows players to create a tropical paradise for their Minions after a clumsy Minion named Phil strands them on a chain of islands.

Minions Paradise sees players completing quests by constructing buildings and sending their Minions to complete specific tasks around the islands. As examples, Minions may need to collect coconuts from a palm tree, or bamboo from a bamboo grove. These tasks take time to complete, but can be completed instantly with Doubloons, the game’s premium currency.

Minions Paradise

As players collect base resources like bamboo or coconuts (among others), they can combine these in crafting buildings to create new items.

In addition to sending Minions to complete timed tasks, gamers can also send Minions to play mini-games. The Fishing Frenzy game, for instance, asks players to tap on the screen to help a Minion jump over obstacles as it ‘alligator skis’ (water skis) around the island.

As players complete quests and other tasks, they’ll receive sand dollars, the game’s free currency, as well as special Party Points. These Party Points fill a meter in the corner of the screen, and serve as the game’s experience points. Each time the meter is filled, the Minions throw an island party, and players receive a special prize, like a speed boost that makes some tasks complete twice as quickly for a short time. Many of the game’s items are locked to specific experience point levels.

Players will receive some new Minions automatically over time, and can unlock even more Minions by collecting the necessary items to craft Welcome Baskets for each. These Welcome Basket requirements are posted on the game’s Celebration Station board. The board can also be used to sell excess ‘party supplies’ for additional Party Points and Sand Dollars, or to fulfill requests to unlock new quests from specific Minions. The more Minions on the island, the more tasks players can complete at one time.

Minions Paradise is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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