EA Launches Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on Mobile

The game allows players to collect characters from both the light and dark sides to create a team to take into turn-based battles.

Electronic Arts has announced the release of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes on mobile devices. Created by EA Capital Games, the turn-based battle game allows players to collect characters from across the Star Wars universe, including the original trilogy and prequels, as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, players can collect characters from both the light and dark sides. Players begin by completing Light Side battles, and will unlock access to Dark Side battles as they collect Dark Side characters and level up in the game.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

During battle, players can manually select their heroes’ attacks or special abilities on their turn, or toggle an ‘auto’ option, which sees the game decide which attack or skill to use on each turn. In this auto mode, entire battles play out automatically as users watch.

In between battles, players can spend training droids (which they collect while playing) to level up their heroes, which increases their stats. Users can also collect new gear and equipment for their heroes to boost their stats even more.

As players complete battles on the game’s normal difficulty, they’ll unlock a hard difficulty setting, and can replay battles on the harder difficulty to earn character shards. Character shards are specific to each character, and can be used in bulk to promote existing characters, increasing their star rating and stats, or to unlock new characters.

In addition to single-player battles, players can compete against other users in player-vs-player battles.

In a statement, John Salera, executive producer for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes at Capital Games, commented:

We’ve created a game for Star Wars and RPG fans where you can mix and match your favorite characters from across all the films and TV shows, creating squads with heroes from both the light and dark sides. The game is simple to control but has incredible depth and breadth. You can strategize on which characters complement each other most, then make your custom teams more powerful with new gear and loot you win from battles, on all the planets and epic locations that you love, anytime, anywhere.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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