Early Reviewers’ Scores Give Apple’s iPad a Solid B+ Grade

The big guns in the tech reviewer space received their iPads before everyone else and have started to weigh in with opinions on the WiFi only model (the 3G model will be available in late April). I’m going to score each of their reviews to try to get an general idea of their collective thinking. Scoring ranges from 0 (awful) to 100 (best thing ever):

95: Chicago Sun-Times: Andy Ihnatko
Review: iPad is pure innovation – one of best computers ever

75: The New York Times: David Pogue
Review: Looking at the iPad From 2 Angles

90: PC Mag: Tim Gideon
Apple iPad (Wi-Fi)

90: USA Today: Ed Baig
Verdict is in on Apple iPad: It’s a winner

85: Wall Street Journal: Walt Mossberg
Apple iPad Review: Laptop Killer? Pretty Close

The average score of these five early reviews is a solid 87 (a solid B+). And, considering the iPad is essentially a solution in search of a problem (no one has been clamoring for a tablet except, perhaps, Microsoft), that is an impressive score for a 1.0 product release (with acknowledgement that Apple had a bit over 2 years to get experience with the iPhone OS).

I’m really looking forward to receiving my iPad on Saturday along with my fellow mortals.

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