Earn 50 "Gleeks" to Unlock a Free Karaoke Song in Smule's Glee for iPhone & iPad

Smule’s 99 cent Glee app for the iPhone or iPad takes the Auto-Tune pitch correction technology used in their “I am T-Pain” app to take karaoke singing to a new audience (presumably fans of the popular Glee TV show). The Glee app lets you share your solo performance as well as join one or more singers anywhere in the world for a group performance. Listeners can show appreciation for a performance by pressing the “star” button on the app.

Every button press earns the performer a “Gleek”. The top gleek earners are 35 year-old Harrison Wolohon of Oklahoma City and 17 Amy Vo of Melbourne, Australia currently top the Gleek earner charts with 1,300 and 1,630 gleeks respectively. But, anyone who earns 50 Gleeks (not as easy as it might sound) gets the song “Gives You Hell” unlocked for free (normally an in-app purchase for 99 cents).

So, what have you been secretly (or not so secretly) been singing along to with the Glee app?

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