eBookNewser Goes Indie at AWP

Tomorrow eBookNewser’s heading to Denver, Colorado for the Association of Writers and Writing Program’s annual conference (AWP). AWP is a yearly gathering of the creative writing business, as it were. In addition to thousands of writers, hundreds of independent literary publishers sell their wares at a massive, multi-floor book fair.

So, in addition to our regular coverage of unfolding eBook news (read: iPad–it’ll end soon, we promise), we’ll be on the floor talking to indie publishers about their eBook plans.

While many small publishers haven’t got their books available in electronic form, many of them are working on it. We hope to let you know firsthand what they’re doing to digitize their lists and what you can expect when.

Before we leave, though, we’d love to know if you have any digital questions for indie publishers that you’d like us to ask on your behalf.

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