eBookNewser Readers Respond to Creepy Nook Ad

Last week, we showed you Barnes & Noble’s new TV ad for the Nook eReader. We said the ad was slightly creepy and wondered what you thought. A bunch of readers wrote in, noting that the ad was good at getting women’s attention, but was maybe also, as we said, a bit creepy. Here are a few excerpts from the comments:

“The ad spoke to me . So, I would say it successfully targeted women, who have loved books since they were children and find reading to be both an escape and practical,” wrote “Theresa.”

Frank McPherson wrote that this add isn’t weird if it has a twin: “If they release another ad that shows men/boys reading, then it will make more sense.”

Blogger Mike Cane made an interesting point about the gadget market: “I like they are aiming at women, enlarging the market for electronics and also targeting those who actually do most of the reading.”

Fresh Impact PR had the last word: “Not something I would really want my kids to see.” What? You don’t want your kids to be runaways?

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