eBookPie Launches “The Chapterizer”

eBookPie.com is an eBookstore that specializes in selling not just whole eBooks, but sections and chapters of books. The company unveiled a new tool yesterday called the Chapterizer, which enables publishers to quickly split an eBook into chapters or sections of any length that are packaged and ready for sale through eBookPie.

Here’s an excerpt from the official press release: “with just a click the Chapterizer can instantly turn a 15-chapter eBook into 15 or more fully packaged and saleable eChapters. Each eChapter can include a cover, customized front and back matter, and a customized marketing page.”

Currently, the Chapterizer only splits drm-free PDF files, but eBookPie says it’s working on an update that will enable it to split EPub files. eBookPie offers various file formats to work with different eReading devices. Only some eBooks on eBookPie currently offer eChapters, but, presumably, with this new tool, there will be more.