Ebyline Launches Pitch Board to Better Connect Seasoned Freelancers and Publishers

It can be hard out there for a freelancer. The avalanche of emails, stiff competition, low pay and ignored invoices all make it a real challenge.

That’s why Ebyline, a conduit between digital publishers and writers, works to connect those are looking for work and those who need work done and is now going one step further with its new Pitch Board.

Ebyline’s Pitch Board allows hiring news organizations to post ads for $50 (this buys your project 30 days on the board), promising guaranteed responses from interested freelancers within 48 hours. Because of the exclusivity of Ebyline (just about 25 percent of those who apply for the stamp of Ebyline approval make the cut), only those who have been declared “qualified” freelancers are able to respond to job postings. According to the company, there are more than 2,000 people currently in the freelancer bank, and they’ve all been screened and approved by Ebyline’s in-house editorial staff. To give you an idea of their clientele, the Los Angeles Times and the AP are among those seeking freelance talent.

Really, the Pitch Board is a huge time-saver for everyone. Editors don’t have to sift through nonsense and waste precious minutes on people with no solid clips or decent work experience, and freelancers have an online destination they can check daily for writing/miscellaneous journalism-related opportunities.

Right now, jobs on the Pitch Board include health blogging, newspaper photography, press release-writing, oil and gas reporting and infographic-creating. So, there’s something for everyone. Plus, Ebyline has recently made the process of publishers paying freelancers more convenient, so that’s an incentive.

One of these days, I’ll take the leap to the freelancing universe, but before I do, I’ll make sure I’m all set up on Ebyline.

What is your favorite freelance job you’ve taken? What are your online go-to stops for freelance work postings?

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