One Cheeky LA Weekly Op-Ed Deserves Another

It’s not quite Epic Rap Battles of History. But Andy Hermann‘s late rebuttal to Hillel Aron’s February 26 LA Weekly item “Echo Park: Greatest Neighborhood in Los Angeles, Which Has 87 of Them” is still a lot fun to read.

The nearby residents respectively overstate their neighborhood arguments and, within that context, Hermann saves the best for last:

And OK, if we’re really going to get into a neighborhood pissing contest, let the record show that Highland Park, not Echo Park, has the city’s most dazzling and dangerous display of illegal Fourth of July fireworks. Oh, you set them off over your nice big lake, Echo Park? That’s adorable. We light that sh*t up in our driveways and then run for cover. And we’re not talking M-80s, either. These are professional-grade pyrotechnics.

Right on Aron-Hermann schedule, or so it seems, Saturday is the grand re-opening of Echo Park Lake, with a full day of dignitaries and activities planned. It would seem to FishbowlLA that another Aron broadside aimed at a certain Silver Lake body of water could very well soon be in order. In the meantime, click on through to read “Sorry, Echo Park: Highland Park Is L.A.’s Greatest Neighborhood.”

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.
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