Edit Google Spreadsheets on an iPhone

Everytime I read about a new Google Docs feature, I take a quick look at Google Docs on my iPhone (as well as Windows Mobile smartphone) to see if anything new happened on the mobile front as well. So, when I read about the new shared folders feature in the Official Google Docs Blog…

Shared folders and more in Google Docs

…I took a look at Google Docs’ Document and Spreadsheet mobile view. Google Document for mobile is still a view-only service. However, I noticed that I could now edit cells in a Google Spreadsheet. I don’t know when this ability to edit spreadsheets appeared. However, a quick search reveals that I have not written about this previously.

Editing cells in a spreadsheet row is a three step process. The first step is to tap the Edit link seen in the screenshot above.

The second step is to actually edit a cell or cells in a row and then tap the Done button as seen in the screenshot above.

At this point, however, you are not done with the editing process. You need to tap the Submit button seen in the screenshot above to commit the changes to the spreadsheet. Alternatively, you can choose to Cancel the changes and revert back to the sheet’s original content.

This is not a process you would want to use to edit a large number of cells. However, it is fine to make quick changes to a couple of spreadsheet cells.