Editor Gets Panties in Twist Over Period Style

Last month TPM Editor Josh Marshall broke out into a cold sweat late one night over the issue of apostrophes on Twitter. He wants them gone. He was cranky about it and the issue kept him up ridiculously late and tweeting well into the wee hours of the morning.

Now he’s moved on to the number of spaces after periods.

He continued, “What the fuck is this movement to have only one space after a period?  Gay marriage I can handle.  This I cannot,” Marshall piped up on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

Bloomberg Businessweek‘s Joshua Green had a terse response. “Hey freak, if God wanted two spaces he’d have told Moses.” He added, “BTW, there’s a special conversion therapy for guys like you.”

Some 160 retweets later, the jury was out: Few people sided with Marshall’s two-space plan, some sympathized and many were angered by it. A sampling: Alex Wilhelm of The Next Web remarked simply, “Fired.” Matthew Rettenmund, a web producer for Cultureboy said, “I loooove you and the site, but haaaaate two spaces after a period. Sorry! xo” (Um, xo?) Dave Elliott, a self-described Batman fan, appeared to be among the few who agreed with Marshall, declaring, “#teamtwospaces.” Political junkie Rick Klau saw the potential slippery slope in Marshall’s proposal. “Next you’ll want the keyboard to emit a *ding* at the end of each line on screen,” he wrote. Political Wire‘s Taegan Goddard razzed him with: “I’ll bet you still use a lowercase ‘L’ when you want to type the number ‘1’” WaPo‘s Carlos Lozada seemed torn: “No way. Add up all those extra spaces and think of all the words you’d have to cut from newspapers and magazines… Wait, I’m in!” Victor Godinez, who works in AT &T PR in Dallas summed the whole thing up, saying, “You poor misguided soul.”

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