Rivet Radio Makes the Best of a Bad Situation

Boom goes the Edward R. Murrow Awards dynamite!

When a glass desk spontaneously exploded into pieces at the Chicago offices of Rivet Radio last summer (it belonged to the office manager), the outlet did what any resourceful news organization would. They turned the incident into a solid piece of reporting.

Today, that reporting, titled “Our Glass Desk Exploded. Yours Could, Too,” is among the winners of an Edward R. Murrow Award in the Small Online News Organizations category. The seven-minute piece won for Investigative Reporting (Audio).

In the Rivet report, there is some clip-sound of breaking glass. But arguably the audio highlight is when producer Jonah Meadows who, along with colleague Elizabeth Giadans, was in the Rivet offices around 2:30 a.m. that morning, imitates the sounds made by the breaking glass desk. There’s also a funny bit of agreement uniting the interviewed pair, who both admit that when it happened, they each immediately had the same first thought: how am I going to explain this to my co-workers?

The winning Rivet Radio report is hosted by Charlie Meyerson, vice president of editorial and development. Meadows and Giadans have both since moved on from Rivet. Other winners of 2016 Edward R. Murrow online reporting awards include Yahoo, Vocativ, The New York Times, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and California’s Center for Investigative Reporting.

Read the full list of online winners here.

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