EFF Proposes New Bill Of Rights For Facebook Users

As we now know, Facebook and its users have different opinions on the appropriate levels of privacy for the site. Users want more, Facebook wants less. While Facebook already has their own bill of rights for users, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is proposing their own Bill of Rights for users.

Now, a little history lesson. Back in the good old days, when the union was new and the government was young, people created a Bill of Rights to protect certain universal individual liberties. This Bill of Rights has become the foundation of our society, and every day we fight to protect our ideals of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, due process, equal protection, etc. The framers of the Constitution felt that unless these rights were specifically spelled out in a separate and binding document, they would never be properly protected. And they were important enough to stand apart on their own in what is arguably the most meaningful document that has ever been created in this country.

Presently we find ourselves amidst a similar situation with Facebook.

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