eGalleys on iPad: An eBookNewser Video Review

Over here at eBookNewser HQ, one of the things we’re most excited to do on the iPad is read galleys. If you’re a book reviewer or involved in the pre-pub process of books in any way, you might get a lot of galleys. If you do this kind of work as a freelancer, from home, as this blogger does, then Galleys may be taking up the better part of your apartment and making your wife very angry. So, reading galleys as PDFs might be an appealing idea.

But, until now, this was a difficult thing to do: most publishers still don’t offer proper electronic galleys. What they’ll send you, if you pressure them, is the PDF they sent to the printer, meaning you get those pesky margin guides and other ephemera that has nothing to do with the text you want to read (see the image to the right).

The Kindle’s “experimental” PDF reader makes reading these printer proofs impossible–you simply can’t zoom in enough to make the text readable. The Sony Reader does a little bit better, but how many devices do you need.

The iPad solves this problem. You can use a PDF reader app like GoodReader, to which you can upload your files over WiFi. What do you think? Would you read galleys on an iPad this way?

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