Books by Elaine’s Regulars Will Adorn New Restaurant The Writing Room

Glenn Collins shared a nostalgic look over the weekend at the impossible restaurant-act The Writing Room is attempting to follow. Owners Michael and Susy Glick have spent two years renovating Elaine’s famed 1703 Second Avenue locale and are planning to re-open the space as The Writing Room next Monday.

It’s definitely a bit of a strange name for a restaurant. As NYT reader and TriBeCa resident Misha puts it in the comments, ‘It brings to mind a Starbucks full of laptops.’ The spirit of Elaine Kaufman will be honored in a number of different ways. A gallery of 135 framed photos celebrating NYC “cultural eminences” will include 40 snapshots taken at Elaine’s. Furthermore, some of the celebrated writers who dined at Table 10 and elsewhere will be noted:

There will be a wood-spindled newspaper and magazine rack, and a back room called the Study — in a new building extension — that will offer wraparound floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

The library of 1,000 books has been curated by Thatcher Wine, who created the Nomad Hotel bar library; it showcases works by Elaine’s regulars, as well as books on New York culture and history.

This is the Glicks’ second NYC restaurant; they also own the nearby Parlor Steakhouse at Third Avenue and 90th Street. As might be expected, a majority of NYT readers commenting on the piece have taken a cynical, writer’s view of The Writing Room. The Glicks were regular Elaine’s customers and have an investor-proprietor described as a “longtime Elainophile.” FishbowlNY wishes them the best of luck with their new enterprise.
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