ElfYourself App & Samsung Galaxy S3 Vs. iPhone 5: Top Stories of the Week

For your weekend reading pleasure, here are the most popular AppNewser headlines of the week.

They include: how to tether your smartphone, how to turn yourself into an elf and the best price comparison apps.

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1. ElfYourself App Launched

2. Convert Your Handwriting into Digital Text

3. Apps To Tether Your Verizon Phone

4. Penguin’s Chopsticks App Is Named App Of The Year

5. How To Sync iBooks Between Your iPhone And Your iPad

6. CNET Rules: ‘Samsung Galaxy S3 Beats iPhone 5′

7. Download the Top Free Apps of All Time on Kindle Fire

8. How Often Should You Post to Facebook?

9. Free eBooks of the Week

10. How to convert ePub Books for use on Kindle


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