Eli Broad Picks Los Angeles for His New Museum (Maybe), Christopher Hawthorne Offers Tips to Both Sides

With Beverly Hills now out of the way and the competition down to just two, most everyone in the know thinks all the arrows are pointing in the direction of Los Angeles getting Eli Broad‘s proposed new art museum. The city, you might recall, was the last to put in a bid for the museum, but had the unique benefit of being able to offer Broad a chance to return to an enterprise he’d once been involved with before it fell apart financially: the Grand Avenue Project. Now that it seems like a given that the billionaire art collector has made his choice, the LA TimesChristopher Hawthorne has a number of suggestions that the city and Broad should take note of before they begin their negotiation dances. Even if none of this pans out and Broad pulls a fast one and skips both LA and Santa Monica and goes to, say, Pomona, Hawthorne offers up some good perspective on the back and forth required to build a museum.

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