Elonex Unveils 4 New Android Tablets

Elonex, an UK based gadget company, is showing off 4 new tablets at The Gadget Show Live 2011 this week. This will bring its total number of tablets up to 6. There will be a 7″ tablet with a capacitive screen and 3 10″ tablets, also with capacitive screens. Prices range from £179 to £229.

First up is the eTouch 702ET. It’s running Android v2.2 on a 7″ (800×600) capacitve touchscreen, with an 800MHz CPU, 4GB Flash, a microSD card slot, Wifi, speakers, g-sensor.  The suggested retail is £179.

Next  is the eTouch Blade. This 10″ tablet will come in 3 models with retail ranging from £189 to £279. All will run Android v2.2 and have a capacitive touchscreen and Wifi, and the most expensive model will have 3G. It’s also supposed to be very thin, hence the name Blade. Unfortunately, I can’t give you more details because the product listing has errors.

via Elonex

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