Everything Is ‘Off the Record’ Now

Hillary Clinton's press team doesn't seem to realize that email is never really "off the record."

Here’s a passage that appeared on the political comms blog Pushback today as shared by Politico writer Seung Min Kim and written by the same pub’s Burgess Everett:

The passage refers to New York Times reporter Adam Nagourney, who got a little angry at the Hillary Clinton camp for sending him basic information “on background” that anyone could easily find with a quick Wikipedia search.

The fact that Clinton grew up in Illinois and spent much of her career “working on behalf of children and families” is in no way “off the record” or “on background” or anything else. It is basic biographical information.

We get the whole “manage the message” thing, but this is more than slightly insane. And if you really want to insist on sharing information anonymously, you can’t email it from your personal or professional account unless you know your contact better than you know your own spouse.

Thank god we don’t cover politics. Ugh.

h/t Mr. Media Training

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