Embracing Process-Oriented Social Media Strategy Development

Developing social media strategy for a corporation or large business is challenging.

There are a lot of moving parts; every day you meet a new stakeholders or managers whose input is important; and you find that putting ideas into action can take some time.

It can be overwhelming when the reality of the situation hits you. There’s a lot to be done, and the rules of engagement are changing all the time.

Resist the urge to put the cart before the horse by reactively launching Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and YouTube channels.

Step back and embrace the need for process-oriented social media strategy development.

Process is important when launching a large-scale social media strategy.  Create a process that is easy to follow; that doesn’t leave any room to guess; and is reality-based, with regard to the amount of time it takes for the company’s management and senior staff to approve actions.

By creating processes, it gives others in the company guidance for how they should approach social media adoption in their own departments.

If you get an e-mail from someone in your company asking about creating a Facebook Fan Page for Product X, instead of responding with a list of questions, instead e-mail them with the relevant document to get the process of Facebook Page Development started.

The same goes for determining who will be that page’s community manager. Create a process that is to be followed from start to finish.

Over time, people in the company will become accustomed to using the processes that you have laid out and as a result the company’s social media adoption and profile launches will go smoother and take less time.

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