Emerging Top Free Apps on iOS: PixelCUBE’s Puzzles, Bing & Little Ninja Break In

The top free applications lists for both iPhone and iPad have been as dynamic as they were last week, with most of the top ten titles being new to the charts. Because of this, we thought it best to look at a few extra this week; aside from our normal five. Not all are new titles, some have risen due to sales, special promotions and new updates.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Free Apps List

The Impossible Test — We have a new #1 app in the form of The Impossible Test, and though it is quite old (it’s last update was March 10th), this is the first we’ve seen of it; at least this high on the charts. Developed by PixelCUBE Studios, the title is a collection of simple puzzles, questions, tasks (e.g. destroying a pirate without touching it) tied together, competitively with leaderboards and collectable Medals. It is monetized through the in-app purchases of an answer sheet for all the mini-games, new space levels, and the removal of ads; all for $0.99 each. As for PixelCUBE, they are a small iOS developer based out of Toronto.

It’s Friday — It is one of the most hated songs on the Internet, but now Rebecca Black’s single, It’s Friday, is now an iPhone app. Logically named “It’s Friday,” the title is nothing more than a sound board of the song’s overly simplistic lyrics. Intended as a joke and entertainment style app, it is developed by a group called blacApps; four Tustin High students from California looking to do something different for their senior year and maybe get a little recognition. Well, having been released March 30th, the app is now #3 on the top free apps charts.

Atari’s Greatest Hits — Now #5 on the top free iPhone apps list, Atari’s Greatest Hits — a collection of classic Atari arcade games — was also part of yesterday’s top grossing apps list at #11. Created by international core games developer and publisher Atari, the April 7th-released application is monetized by selling packs of said retro-arcade games. Unfortunately, controls have not translated well, leading to thousands of user complaints.

Archer’s Quest — The recently updated (April 6th) Archer’s Quest has moved up to #6 this week. Monetized through the in-app unlock of all the game’s levels, players must defend their kingdom from the evil Bloody Mask using basic physics to fire off volleys of arrows, leveling up armor and weapons in an RPG fashion. The developer behind the game is Karma World, an iOS developer with a globally distributed team: a co-founder in Russia, another in Florida and a chief technology officer in San Francisco. Karma World has breached the top free iPad charts before with The Secret of Hildegards.

Blaster Tank — Updated April 11th, Blaster Tank, from Triniti Interactive, is now #7 on the top free charts due to its being free for a limited time. A side-scrolling action-shooter reminscient of games like Metal Slug, players control and upgrade a tank as they plow through hordes of would-be enemies. As for Triniti themselves, the company is a sizable American outfit, founded in 2008, with a vast collection of iOS titles under its belt.

WatchESPN —In at #8 is a new title, released April 6th, called WatchESPN. The app is pretty much as the title suggests, allowing users to view ESPN live video streams. However, what can be viewed is directly determined by what the user receives from their cable and/or internet provider(s). The app is developed by television sports network ESPN.

New Titles Within Top iPad Free Apps List

Bing for iPad — Ironic though it may be, Bing for iPad is the current #1 application on the iPad device. Developed by international conglomerate, Microsoft, the title is a tablet version of the company’s “decision engine” Bing and is complete with maps, searches, news, and even voice activated searches. The app was released April 7th.

Atari’s Greatest Hits — Once again, we come across Atari’s new mobile app, Atari’s Greatest Hits. Released April 7th as well, the title is now #2 on the iPad’s top free apps list. That said, the collection of classic arcade games still suffers from awkward control issuses. Nevertheless, the title continues to do well, showing the power of nostalgia.

Simply Find It — In at #9 is a quaint title by the name of Simply Find It. Tasking users with spotting the differences between two side-by-side pictures, the app is monetized through the in app purchases of Endless and VS Mode ($1.99 and $2.99 respectively). Its developer is a small, enigmatic company called Simply Game. The app was released April 5th.

Bloomberg Businessweek+ — More print media gone digital at #11 with Bloomberg Businessweek+. The new iPad app (released April 11th) contains all the content of the magazine’s print edition, as well as interactive digital content such as videos, archiving, and sharing. As one would expect, the app is developed by the three-decade-old business information and news publisher, Bloomberg. The app is monetized through in-app purchases.

Little Ninja — #13 is an odd little game from Muu Muu Co. called Little Ninja. In the game, users utilize miniturized ninjas and battle it out with other mini-ninjas using their fingertips… as that is where they apparently live. Monetized through in-app purchases, the game has been out since April 1st. As for its developer, Muu Muu is an older Japanese developer that not only has titles on iOS, but has worked on games for NintendoDS, PlayStation 2, and PC.

Clickgamer Solitaire HD — To wrap up just one more new title is Clickgamer Solitaire HD from Clickgamer. Released April 7th, the game is, well, solitaire, but with different game modes, themes, and competitive online play, the game has made it all the way up to #16 on the top free apps list. As for Clickgamer, they are a United Kingdom-based subsidiary of developer and publisher Chillingo and hosts an extrodinary nmber of apps and games across most major mobile platforms.

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