Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Disney Cleans up, Secrets Sell Well, and Another World Comes to Another System

This week the top paid iOS charts showed a good mix between games and utilities, with entries from developers as diverse as EA Mobile, Miniclip, Bright AI and Lucky Clan all making strong debuts. On the iPad charts, older utilities from niche developers like Cocoa Box, Skyfire and Loytr all saw movement up the charts thanks to limited time sales, however the clear winner this week was Disney Interactive. Its new game Where’s My Water premiered to a flurry of press last Thursday and turned in into a fast success, claiming the top spot on the iPhone and iPad charts.

New Titles with the Top iPhone Paid Apps List:

Where’s My Water? – Swampy the Alligator is king of iOS this week; the #1 paid app on both is Where’s My Water, the new game from Disney Interactive.  A physics based puzzle game, players must direct jets of water through the sewers, carving paths through dirt and around obstacles like algae, traps and even toxic ooze, all so the hero of the game, cleanliness obsessed Swampy the Alligator, can take a bath. Where’s my water was released on September 22nd and costs $0.99.

My Secret Folder – The #10 app is a new utility, My Secret Folder. Launched last month and updated on September 14th, the app has a simple premise — if you have some photos and videos you don’t want prying eyes to see, you finally have a place to put them. The app works simply — when you set it up, you assign a 4 digit passcode, and then import any photos and videos you’d rather keep to yourself. Once photos are in the app, users can create folders and slideshows, export them from the phone and even email them. The app’s icon is a clever decoy — it looks like a generic folder and if anyone is curious and tries to open it, the app uses badge alerts to notify users how many unauthorized access attempts there have been. My Secret folder is $0.99 and was developed by UK developer Bright AI Ltd.

Monster Island – The newest game from prolific British developer Miniclip is Monster Island, the #12 game this week. In the game, players must save Monster Island from an invading gang of thugs by flinging an arsenal of mini-monster bombs at them. Players unlock five different bombs, each with their own unique abilities as they progress through 200 levels of puzzles. The app is $0.99, but it is also supported by in-app purchases like solutions and level skip packages.

The Sims Medieval – EA Mobile’s latest addition to their incredibly popular Sims franchise is the Sims Medieval. Released on September 22nd, The Sims Medieval is an iPhone only game that adds castles, jesters, knights, quests, sword fighting, lords and ladies, vampires to the addictive Sims formula.  The Sims Medieval costs $4.99 and is currently the #23 paid app for iPhone.

Top Truck – Moving down to #46 is Top Truck, monster truck racing game with an interesting twist — players don’t just race to the finish, they have to do it in style, finding hidden paths, crushing cars, houses, and terrain to keep the audience entertained and the crowdometer full. The game costs $0.99, but has extra vehicle packages to unlock for $0.99 and $1.99. Top Truck was released on September 15th by UK developer Ace Viral.

New Titles with the Top iPad Paid Apps List:

Penultimate – First up on the iPad paid charts this week is #6 ranked Penultimate, an older app which has seen a boost of popularity after going on sale for $1.99 and upgrading to version 3.1 on September 12th. A handwriting/productivity app, Penultimate allows users to write on their iPad the same way they would on paper. Users can doodle using a variety of different ink colors, import images, choose whether they’re left or right handed, export single pages or entire notebooks and share them via email or through iTunes File Sharing. Penultimate was developed by San Francisco based studio Cocoa Box Design.

Top Camera for iPad – photo/video app with HDR, slow shutter, folders and editor – The #21 app is newly released Top Camera for iPad. Formerly an iPhone only title, Top Camera is a full-featured app that gives users the ability to get creative with their iPad’s camera, adding video recordings, timed shots, HDR, a photo editor, filters and effects, borders, GPS tracking, folders, export options and more. Designed by photographer David Scott Leibowitz and developed by small Polish developer Lucky Clan, Top Camera is currently on sale for $0.99.

MyPad+ – for Facebook and Twitter – One of most popular unofficial Facebook/Twitter apps for iPad, with over 1.1 million DAU, MyPad+ has risen up the top paid charts to the #14 position thanks to a 50% off sale that’s knocked the price to $0.99. Updated on September 13th by developer Loytr to support push notifications, MyPad+ allows users to view birthday and event calendars, chat, update Twitter and play Facebook games, all from one app. MyPad+ and many other apps like it exist because there is still no official Facebook app for iPad. Fortunately for MyPad+, their position seems secure: news broke on September 26th that engineer Jeff Verkoeyen had left Facebook due to frustrations that his iPad app “may never be released.” Update: Mashable is reporting that the Facebook app for iPad will be unveiled on October 4th at the iPhone 5 launch.

Another World – 20th Anniversary – The classic 90s adventure game is back again on iOS, remade with optional HD graphics, new difficulty modes and a remastered soundtrack. Originally released in 1991 for the Amiga, Another World was a huge hit in its day, selling over a million copies and being ported to over a dozen platforms (including the Super Nintendo). The game follows Lester Knight Chaykin, a physicist who is accidentally transported to another world where he must escape his alien captors. Originally developed independently by French developer Eric Chahi (currently at Ubisoft), Another World was brought to iOS by French/US developer/publisher BulkyPix. Another World costs $4.99 and is currently the #24 top paid app for iPad.

Skyfire Web Browser for iPad – While there may be quite a few browsers available for the iPad, the #29 app Skyfire sets itself apart by bringing Flash video to the mobile browsing experience, supporting more than 200,000 sites that use Flash to encode their video content. Skyfire also includes features like Google Reader, Twitter and Facebook integration, private browsing and easy webpage sharing through Facebook, Twitter, email, Tumblr and Instapaper, but what it doesn’t do it allow users to play Flash games or use Flash apps. The app costs $4.99 due to a football season sale, and was developed by California based Skyfire Labs, who have been in our news before for their VideoQ program, an on-demand Flash video converter for iOS.

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