Emerging Paid iOS Apps: Namco & Sports Games Rise on The Charts

The iPhone surprisingly boasted more new titles than the iPad this week. Most were new, but a few made significant jumps up the charts with sales. Many of the developers behind apps on this list turned out to be smaller, less established companies. For the iPad, it was a quieter week with fewer changes. Apps paired with sporting events seemed to be the big trend this week.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

AppZilla 2 — Starting off the list of new titles to the top paid iPhone apps list is actually a collection of them. In at #4 is AppZilla 2, a collection of 100 simple applications such as Sports Radio, Night Vision, GoogleBooks, and so on. Currently at $0.99, the price is only a temporary launch sale price. Released April 5th, the app is developed by Fossil Software, a young developer founded in 2009 that focuses on the iOS platform.

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage — It wouldn’t be a complete roundup of new apps with out a little bit of weirdness. At #6 is Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage from developer Bottle Rocket. Long story short, this $0.99 app allows players to creatively “kill” an orange with everyday kitchen wares. A Dallas-based iOS developer, Bottle Rocket appears to actually be a very young company, having only been around since 2010. Even so, it’s collection of apps is already fairly high (around two dozen).

Phone Tracker SPY PRO — The #12 app is slightly older, first noticed in March, but has recently been updated (April 2nd) with a myriad of bug fixes. The title is Phone Tracker SPY PRO: Locate Anyone, and as the name suggests it turns an iPhone into a sort of mock spy device, using GPS to track the exact position of a cell phone via the cell number. The developer is a Spanish outfit by the name of Balina Life. However, the developer appears to be only a single individual, Nico Balina.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication — Gangstar: Miami Vindication is a very old application from September. Nevertheless, this Grand Theft Auto-style game shot up the list to #13, despite its age, due to a recent sale price. Unfortunately, the game, once again, costs $6.99. Its developer is international developer Gameloft. Having been around for nearly 12 years, it is one of the largest casual/mobile games developers in the space.

FX Photo Studio — The power of sales shows itself again with yet another app: FX Photo Studio. Developed by MacPhun, the application allows users apply a slew of effects and filters to all of their photos and easily share them via social feeds. Updated with new visuals and fixes March 29th, the game has risen to #15 on the list due to a 60% off sale, making the price only $0.99. Another smaller, and younger developer, MacPhun still has a sizable portfolio of iOS titles; most of which focus on visual effects and cameras.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

The Masters Tournament — At $1.99 is the #2 paid iPad application, The Masters Tournament. A companion app for the actual Masters Tournament that was taking place over the weekend, it is of little surprise that it has done so well. Still relatively new (recently updated April 8th), the title allows users to view a number of live streams, interact with leaderboards, and view information on the Masters’ golf course itself. The app was created by Augusta National, the golf club that hosts the Masters Tournament.

MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad — Jumping to #11, we come across a title that made last week’s top grossing apps list as well. MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad is a companion title for fans of Major League Baseball’s spring training, allowing users to access a free MLB.TV trial, and grant subscribers to ability to watch all “out-of-the-market games” for free over the course of April. This update was made April 1st, which is also a heavy contributor to its recent growth. It is the official app for the MLB, developed by MLB.com. Currently, the app runs $14.99.

PAC’N-JUMP — The next interesting app on the top paid lists has us moving all the way down to #27 with the new $0.99 game PAC’N-JUMP from Namco Networks America. A retro-arcade-style game, this game (released April 7th) is actually a cross between Pac-Man and Doodle Jump as players platform upward to collect power pellets and avoid classic Namco characters from other Namco franchises. A large, international games developer, Namco Bandai has been around since the earliest stages of game design. Its American counterpart is based out of Santa Clara, California. The price to this new app is also currently a launch sale.

Puzzle Quest 2 — Namco breaches the top 50 paid iPad apps list again with its $4.99 title, Puzzle Quest 2. Though the game is older, having been around since December, an April 7th update has brought in local and online multiplayer, Game Center integration, and French, Italian, German, and Spanish localization. Suffice to say, the update has shot this match-three puzzle adventure game up to #31.

Bloons TD 4 HD — The last game of note is a new one (April 1st) from a company called Digital Goldfish. The app is Bloons TD 4 HD, and over-the-top cartoon-style tower defense game involving monkeys haulting a horde of invading bloons. Odd though it may sound, the app has made it it #36 on the charts with a $4.99 price tag. As for Digital Goldfish themselves, the are a smaller Scottish developer whose focus has been on mobile games for both iOS and portable game consoles such as the PSP.

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