Emerging Paid iOS Apps: New Releases & Labor Day Sales Fill The Paid Charts

It’s Labor Day weekend and several games from past weeks and months are rising on both the iPhone and iPad. Companies such as Electronic Arts, Gameloft, and Big Fish Games are reducing the prices of their games to no more than $0.99. So the top charts have become saturated to the brim with them.

New Titles Within Top iPhone Paid Apps List

PostSecret — Social networking earns top honors today. Marking the new #1 top paid iPhone app is the newly released (September 4th) PostSecret. The $1.99 application is a semi location-based title in which users can post small, secret tidbits about themselves to share with others around the world. Of course, this is all done completely anonymously. In fact, there isn’t even a signup requirement. PostSecret is created by a developer of the same name, and while no other iOS apps are credited to it, an Android version of PostSecret is currently in the works.

Angry Birds Seasons — The #3 iPhone app is also #3 on iPad and it is the ever familiar Angry Birds Seasons. Typically speaking, the $0.99 Angry Birds Seasons has always done well on iOS, but has risen dramatically due to a September 1st update to the game, adding in the new “Moon Festival.” This Chinese-themed update contains 30 new levels, the incorporation of the Mighty Eagle (which costs $0.99 in-app to unlock), and a secret, hidden level. Despite the success of Angry Birds on iOS and Android, Seasons’ developer, Rovio Mobile, has been looking beyond gaming in recent time. As part of their move into film, books, and toys, the Finnish company recently hired former Fox executive, Andrew Stalbow.

Jetpack Joyride — The Australian mobile games developer behind Fruit Ninja, Halfbrick, is coming back into the top paid charts with gusto, hosting the #5 application on iPhone and iPad, Jetpack Joyride. Released September 1st, the $0.99 game puts players in the role of Barry Steakfries who steals an experimental jetpack. The idea is to fly up and down on a 2D, side-scrolling level and avoid any obstacles in Barry’s way, collect coins, and blast enemies in order to travel as far as possible before crashing. In addition to being a paid app, Jetpack Joyride also monetizes through several in-app purchases.

NCAA Football — The next top paid iPhone application is one from Electronic Arts, or more specifically, Florida-based EA Sports. The oldest highlighted iPhone app of the day, NCAA Football (ranked #17) was last updated August 23rd and is a mobile version of EA’s NCAA Football franchise, allowing players to compete as any of their favorite college football teams or just create their own. NCAA Football is not the only EA game to rise this week either. Several games from EA have been marked down to $0.99 as part of a Labor Day Sale.

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition — If Pocket RPG sounds like a familiar name, that’s because its iPad rendition used to be a top paid app. Now, the newly released (September 1st) iPhone edition is sitting at #18 on the top paid iPhone app charts. A dual-stick action RPG, players work their way through dungeons as one of three classes, collecting new and better equipment along the way as they attempt to make their hero as strong as possible. Pocket RPG is developed by Crescent Moon Games a roughly two-year-old games studio out of California whose other top titles include Deadlock, Gears, and Ravensword. Pocket RPG iPhone Edition is 66 percent off at the moment, costing $0.99.

New Titles Within Top iPad Paid Apps List

Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies HD — Seattle-based casual games developer Big Fish Games starts its domination of the iPad charts with the #9 app, Haunted Hotel II: Believe the Lies HD. Currently marked down to $0.99, the game is the “standard” adventure/hidden-object style of game that Big Fish is known for. A new release (September 2nd), the game centers around the work of an FBI agent who is investigating a series of mysterious disappearances that are somehow tied to the Lonely Star hotel.

Mahjong Towers Touch HD — Mahjong Towers Touch HD isn’t really a new release for Big Fish Games, as the game has been featured on both the top free and top grossing iOS charts before. As of August 31st, the game has become a paid app ($0.99) and is one of the few non-adventure titles from Big Fish Games. Still a puzzle title, players match pairs of tiles located on the outside of elaborate patterns in order to remove them until none remain. Though Mahjong is an older casual game for both the web and mobile, it still rises to #14 today.

Nightmare Adventures: The Witche’s Prison HD — Just behind Mahjong Towers is Nightmare Adventures: The Witch’s Prison HD. Like the previous Big Fish Games app, Nightmare Adventures isn’t truly “new,” but rather was moved from being a free-to-download app to a $0.99 paid app September 2nd. In fact, it was previously a top grossing app. Ranked at #15, the game is another adventure title in which users uncover the ancestry of Kiera Vale as she explores the depths of the cryptic and unkempt Blackwater Asylum.

Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2 HD — Hidden Wonders of the Depths 2 HD is a fairly recent Big Fish Games release. Made a paid app September 2nd, it was first released as a free title on August 18th. Now, it ranks #16 on the top paid iPad apps list. The game is another puzzle title; or rather, a collection of puzzles. For $0.99, players can help out a lowly crab that is looking to explore the underwater world, collecting treasure along the way. To do so, users must complete a variety of puzzles and mini-games that range traditional puzzles, to memory games, to match-three. Additionally, users can even create their own virtual aquarium.

Nick Chase & the Deadly Diamons — The final iPad app today is another from Big Fish Games. Released September 2nd, comes the #17 title, Nick Chase & the Deadly Diamond HD. Like the other’s, this game is also currently $0.99. Another adventure genre of game, players follow the story of detective Nick Chase who receives a mysterious package containing an ancient artifact and must set off to discover both what it is and just who sent it.

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