Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Tax Apps, KORG and Navigon Rise

A number of new iOS apps have broken into the top grossing lists this week, which doesn’t seem to have been affected by rumored ranking algorithm changes. The iPhone boasts more new titles than the iPad and there are plenty of tax apps that have popped up this week too. It is also worth noting that yesterday’s Angry Birds Seasons Easter update did not significantly alter the game’s placement on either device.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Air Penguin — It was the top paid app on iPhone yesterday, so it’s not a surprise to see Gamevil’s Air Penguin appear within the top spots (#2) on the top grossing iPhone apps list as well. A highly stylized platforming game, the $0.99 application monetizes itself with in-app purchases of earnable in-game currency. Based out of L.A. and Seoul, Korea, Gamevil is one of the larger developers in the mobile space and has been around since 2000. Air Penguin was released April 14th.

World of Goo — World of Goo is yet another app that appeared on yesterday’s top paid apps list, and now it comes in at #13 on the top grossing list. Released April 14th, the $2.99 tasks users with the solving of various puzzles by constructing structures out of living goo. The game was developed by Ron Carmel and Kyle Gabler, the pair of indie game developers, based out of San Francisco, called 2D Boy.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK — Moving down to #21 is a new title (released April 14th) from Jellyvision Games. YOU DON’T KNOW JACK is an iOS rendition of the comedic trivia game first created by Jellyvision in 1995. Jellyvision Games is one half of the interactive entertainment company Jellyvision; a company over two decades old. The game runs $2.99 for iPhone.

TurboTax SnapTax — In light of tax day, TurboTax SnapTax comes in at #24. A slightly older app (updated March 31st), TurboTax has moved up the charts. Free to download, the title allows users to take a photo of their W-2, and after a few questions, quickly e-file their taxes. Free to download, the app is monetized via an in-app purchase for a Federal and State tax return. The app is created by software corporation Intuit, a California-based company that has been in business since 1983. Their software focus is tailored around small businesses and personal finances.

NAVIGON Mobile Navigator North America — People need to get places, and as such NAVIGON MobileNavigator North America makes its first appearance within the top grossing iPhone apps list at #36. Turning an iPhone into a legitimate GPS navigation system for both the United States and Canada, the app is currently on sale at $44.99. Additionally, even though it’s one of the pricier paid apps, it also monetizes with in-app purchases. Recently updated on April 14th, NAVIGON’s developer is NAVIGON AG, an international manufacturer of navigation systems.

New Titles Within the Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

TurboTax 2010 — Though we have highlighted TurboTax 2010 before with these top lists, it is worth noting that this iPad title — released March 7th — has reappeared on the top grossing iPad apps list at #1. Obviously, this boom is due to taxes being due, but it is still interesting to see more and more variety in tablet usage. Free to download, and also developed by Intuit, the application allows users to file different forms of tax returns with costs ranging from $29.99 to $74.99 in-app.

The Civil War Today — Another top paid app appears at #7 today. The Civil War Today is an educational application from A&E Network’s History Channel and Bottle Rocket Apps that presents the American Civil War in the form of a digital newspaper. The app is updated daily, over four years, as if the Civil War were happening in “real time.” Bottle Rocket Apps is a larger, Dallas-based iOS developer who works with other major clients such as ESPN, Disney, Discovery, and so on. Running $7.99, the app was released April 11th.

YOU DON’T KNOW JACK HD — Comedic trivia game, YOU DON’T KNOW JACK HD comes in at #15. Like the iPhone counterpart, topics range from popular culture, to grammar, to history, and so on. Developed by Jellyvision Games, the April 14th released app costs its players $4.99 to download.

Max and the Magic Marker for iPad — Moving all the way down to #45 to find a new, and interesting, top grossing app, we found Max and the Magic Marker for iPad. Developed by core gaming corporation Electronic Arts (specifically EA Mobile), the game has been out since March 24th and runs $4.99. A physics-based puzzle platformer, players must utilize a magic marker in order to literally draw solutions (e.g. platforms) on screen and stop a monster they accidentally created.

KORG iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition — Music slips in at #50 with KORG iELECTRIBE Gorillaz Edition. Created by KORG Inc., and in association with virtual band Gorillaz, the app provides users with a digital beatbox, reminiscent of old analog synthesizers, allowing them to make music on their iPad. As for KORG themselves, the Tokyo-based company has been a manufacturer of electronic musical instruments since the 1960s. Their application was released April 18th and costs $9.99.

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