Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: PostSecret, Madden, Monster Galaxy & More

Though the boost from the several Labor Day sales is dying down, several of yesterday’s top paid applications are still fairly high on the grossing charts. That said, new titles to the top grossing iOS list were spread relatively thin, ranging from social networking to football to religion.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

PostSecret — It isn’t a terribly huge surprise to see that yesterday’s #1 paid app is now also the #1 grossing app for iPhone. PostSecret is a new social networking application released just September 4th and costs $1.99. The title, developed by PostSecret, allows users to share small secrets about themselves or locations where they might be (exact locations are noted to never be used) completely anonymously. Though the app is credited to PostSecret, it is also made in association with Bonobo, a mobile application developer from Australia.

Jetpack Joyride — Jetpack Joyride is #9 on iPhone and #32 on iPad. The $0.99 game from Australian company Halfbrick (the maker of Fruit Ninja) was a top paid app from yesterday and features the colorful character of Barry Steakfries. A simple game, players control Barry as he steals a machine gun-powered jetpack and tries travel as far as possible, before crashing, as the level automatically side-scrolls faster and faster. Players must avoid hazards by tapping the screen to fly higher, and releasing to descend. In addition to being a paid app, the game lets users buy several power-ups and vanity items for virtual currency, which is sold in-app (and can be earned in game).

Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands — Gaia Online is a social and massively multiplayer online game maker that has done well with its Facebook title, Monster Galaxy. Now, the company’s iOS “experiement,” Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands, appears to be paying off as the title comes in at #17 on the top grossing iPhone apps list. The role-playing game is a Pokemon-style concept in which players start with a single “Moga” creature and travel around the world to complete quests, battle other “Moga Tamers,” and capture new, wild Moga. Monster Galaxy is a free-to-play game, thus it monetizes through in-app purchases for virtual currency and items. The game’s last update was August 31st.

777 Poker — Moving all the way down to #31 comes a card game, 777 Poker. The game is a new app (released August 31st) and is simply a poker game in which players can play at five or nine place tables. Though the app is new, several users claim that the app is nothing more than the game of Pokerist (Texas Poker), redirecting users to 777 when the older app is opened. That said, the game may be rising, but due to several poor reviews, may not remain in the top grossing list for long. 777 Poker monetizes through the in-app sale of poker chips and is credited simply to Dmitry.

NCAA Football — Squeezing in at #49 is Electronic Arts’ sports franchise game, NCAA Football. The college football game boasts all the NCAA teams, and even allows players to create and customize their own. A top paid application from yesterday, the app is currently only $0.99 as part of a large EA Labor Day sale that has marked down most of their titles. NCAA Football was last updated on August 23rd.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Angry Birds Seasons HD  — Most are well aware of the success of Rovio Mobile and their top title Angry Birds. Well, Angry Birds Seasons has received another recent boost due to a significant September 1st update. Rovio has added in the brand new Moon Festival update, which brings the birds to China for an ancient “mooncake festival.” Players have been granted 30 new Chinese-themed levels along with the challenge of finding eight hidden mooncakes and unlocking an extra secret one. Moreover, players have also been granted the Mighty Eagle character. The $1.99 iPad version is currently ranked at #9 and the $0.99 iPhone copy at #5. Both also monetize further through an in-app purchase.

Bible + — Labor Day sales move into religion as Bible + appears at #10. Also known as the Glo Bible, this iPad application not only provides the passages of the Bible, but also several other interactive features such as HD video, images, virtual tours, and a new “Atlas lens.” The Atlas lens was added in the recent August 17th update and provides users with scriptures and media based on location. The rise of Bible + is due to the recent sale that marked down the Glo Bible Premium cost (in-app) to $34.99. Bible + is credited to Immersion Digital (Glo), a somewhat small computer software whose first iOS title is Bible +.

Madden NFL 12 — With football season gearing up, Electronic Arts has already released its Madden football games across several platforms, and iOS is no exception. Madden NFL 12 is currently high in the iOS grossing charts at #17 and #12 for iPad and iPhone respectively. Supporting the 32 NFL teams, players can not only make trades and develop strategies, but through Origin, can compete with one another via online leaderboards. Madden NFL is a paid app costing $9.99 and was released August 30th.

DC Comics — Long running comic book publisher DC Comics is rising up the charts (#37) with its title, DC Comics. The free application has been around for a fair amount of time, and offers users access to the hundreds of comics and graphic novels the company releases annually. To monetize, these digital comics are purchased in-app for prices that range from $1.99 to $3.99. The app was last updated September 1st with general optimization and graphical improvements.

DrawRace 2 HD — Another new app (released September 1st) appears today, this time at #44. DrawRace 2 HD is a $2.99 app developed by RedLynx and published by Chillingo. The game is a top down racer that challenges players with a sizable single player campaign, challenges, “Friend Challenges,” and skill games; all boasting “realistic” car physics. In addition to its initial download cost, DrawRace 2 also offers a handful of in-app purchases that unlock game content. As for RedLynx itself, the Finnish studio is over a decade old and hosts games across both core and mobile platforms.

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