Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: SkyView, TeamLava Titles, Remedy’s Death Rally

There is a good mix of free-to-play and paid apps this week within Apple’s top grossing lists for both the iPhone and iPad devices. Interestingly enough, not all are completely new. If a sale or a smart update has caused an older app to have a strong resurgence, we’ll mention it too.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

MLB.com At Bat 11 — Though it isn’t a new app, the $14.99 application of MLB.com At Bat 11 has shot itself up to the top of the top grossing iPhone app charts. Rising due to the onset of Major League Baseball’s spring training, the title was updated April 1st to allow users with a free MLB.TV trial and offering subscribers the ability to watch every out-of-the-market game for free, throughout the remainder of the month. The application is an official app for the MLB, developed by MLB.com.

SkyView – Explore the Universe — SkyView is another older app (from February) that has made it’s presence known on the top charts this week. Having recently breached the top paid iPhone apps list, reaching #6, the game is also now #29 on the top grossing list. An astronomy app presenting augmented reality as they gaze at the stars through their iPhone camera, it is developed by a small American firm called Terminal Eleven. The application runs $0.99 and is still noted to be running at an “introductory price” for a “limited time.”

Fashion Story — California-based developer TeamLava, who is owned by RPG developer Storm8, has made a living off of adapting social games to an iOS platform. Now, its most recent release, Fashion Story, is #9 on the list. Focusing on the female audience, the game allows players to create their own clothing boutique, as well as shop for their own perfect outfit. Released March 31st, the app monetizes itself through the in-app purchases of virtual currency.

SimplePhysics — The new physics-puzzle app from Andrew Garrison, SimplePhysics, has risen up the top grossing charts as well as the paid iPhone app charts. The $0.99 app is currently #36 and involves players construction physics-enabled structures and testing their durability by “smashing” them with their finger. The game was released March 26th.

Nightclub Story — In at #41 is yet another TeamLava iPhone game by the name of Nightclub Story. A social title, the app tasks players with the construction and management of their very own nightclub. Released before Fashion Story, the game was recently updated on April 1st. Nightclub Story is a free game that monetizes itself through the in-app purchases of virtual currency.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Death Rally — #26 on the list is the new game (March 31st as well) from Finnish company Remedy Games, Death Rally. Also within yesterday’s top paid iPad apps list, the top-down racing game is a remake of the original Death Rally from 1996; also developed by Remedy Games. The core games developer is also known for developing games such as Max Payne, Max Payne 2, and Alan Wake.

MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad — MLB.com At Bat 11 for iPad is, more or less, a large screen version of the previously noted iPhone version. That in mind, the official, MLB.com-developed title offers users a free MLB.TV trial (presented by Volvo) as well as an opportunity for subscribers to view every out-of-market game for free from their iDevice throughout the course of April. The app runs $14.99 and was updated April 1st.

Fashion Story — TeamLava makes a third appearance on this list with Fashion Story again, which is rising on the top grossing iPad list this week at #19. As one might expect, this free game is exactly the same as the iPhone rendition, consisting of the same virtual currency monetization mechanics as well. Again, players are tasked with the creation of their very own fashion boutique. The game was released March 31st.

 Big City Adventure: New York City HD — Big City Adventure is the latest release from the large casual gaming veteran, Big Fish Games. The company holds offices in Seattle, Vancouver, and Cork Ireland and is currently holding a 30% off special for this new release. At $6.99, this compilation of mini-games and puzzles have brought the title up to #43 on the top grossing list. It was released March 31st.

Monopoly for iPad — One more older game of merit that we have yet to highlight in any past lists is Monopoly for iPad. In at #50, the $9.99, is still the same release version it was in December. A digital version of the tabletop original (in fact, the iPad rendition of this game can be played as a tabletop version), the game has run strong since its release. It is developed by gaming behemoth, Electronic Arts.

City of Secrets HD — Released on March 23rd is the game City of Secrets HD, and it just squeezes into the top lists at #49. In the app, players control Rex, the dog, and Mr. Moles as they attempt to save a place called Poco Pane in an adventure-style puzzle game. The developer is Aidem Media, a European iOS and Mac games developer based out of Gdansk, Poland.  The game runs $4.99.