Emerging Top-Grossing iOS Apps: Zoos, Atari Arcade Classics & Tapulous’ ClubWorld Rise on Charts

A number of new games and applications have shown their faces this week on the iOS’ top grossing apps list. That said, a handful of older titles also emerged due to recent updates and specials. In fact, the long running Tap Zoo even rose to #1 again because of just such a thing. All in all, however, it was games that dominated both charts this time around for both iPhone and iPad.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPhone Apps List

Tap Zoo — Though it is a highly-dated app, Tap Zoo has made its way to #1 (though it usually is within the top 10) on the top grossing iPhone apps list, again, due to a recent update April 5th. We wrote a long piece yesterday covering the company behind the app, Sequoia-funded Pocket Gems, a developer with more than 28 million downloads under its belt. Making money off in-app virtual currency and item purchases, the freemium game tasks users with the objective of building their own zoo in a way not unlike Facebook virtual space games. It’s new update includes a new game mechanic tasking users to build a boat and save animals as well as introduces a whole new slew of creatures in general.

Atari’s Greatest Hits — In at #11 is a collection of apps in the form of Atari’s Greatest Hits from the larger, global core games developer and publisher Atari. That said, this new title (released April 7th) is not making a strong showing in terms of user opinion with already thousands of complaints. Monetized by selling packs of classic games such as Asteroids and Pong, its earnings are likely derived from nostalgia, as the retro arcade games are evidently not translating well to iOS.

AppZilla 2 — The #4 application on yesterday’s top paid iPhone apps list, AppZilla 2 is now also the #21 top grossing list as well. Created by Fossil Software, — an iOS development company founded in 2009 — this $0.99 application is a compilation of 100 simpler ones such as GoogleBooks, Sports Radio, and Night Vision. The title was released April 5th.

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage — Another top grossing game to also breach the paid apps list is Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage. In at #36, the $0.99 game allows players to “kill” fruit in creative ways using everyday kitchen items. Released April 7th, the game is made by Dallas-based iOS developer, Bottle Rocket. Having been around since 2010, the company’s collection of apps is already around two dozen.

ClubWorld — Tapulous, the mobile company behind Tap Tap Revenge and acquired by Disney Interactive Media Group last year, has its new game (released April 7th) ClubWorld already breaching the top 50 grossing iPhone apps list at #41. It’s not unlike Booyah’s original Nightclub City game on Facebook or TeamLava’s recent Nightclub Story. The free-to-play game monetizes through the in-app purchases of virtual currency. Based out of Palo Alto, California, Tapulous’ music-oriented iOS games have often found themselves at #1 on the various iOS charts.

Big Time Gangsta — Glu Mobile’s new title, Big Time Gangsta squeezes into the top 50 at #45. Released March 31st, the game is free-to-play, making its revenue with in-app purchases; following a design similar to that of social games. A publicly traded company, San Francisco-based Glu Mobile is an a mobile developer has been around since 2001 with offices in the U.S., Brazil, China, Russia, and the United Kingdom. Big Time Gangsta is a role-playing game in which users attempt to be the top gang boss in their neighborhood.

New Titles Within Top Grossing iPad Apps List

Atari’s Greatest Hits — Atari makes its second appearance today with the iPad version of Atari’s Greatest Hits at #12. Free to download and monetized through in-app purchases for classic Atari games such as Missile Command, the iPad version appears to suffer from the same control qualms as that of the iPhone. The game was released April 7th.

All Cell Phone Tracker GPS & Spy — In at #16 is an application from “Nico Boo” by the name of All Cell Phone Tracker GPS & Spy. Unfortunately, other than having four other iPhone apps (three of which are variants of this one), no other information on Nico Boo is provided. As for the app itself, it seems like one of the various fraud apps that claim to be able to locate any cellphone in the world. Its position on the top list is likely due to a recently past 50% off sale. Currently the app is running $1.99.

Notes Plus — Notes Plus comes in at #23, but while it is not a new application, recent updates have evidently moved it up into notice. Turning the iPad into a handwritten notebook, allows users to make and scribble notes by hand and even incorporates voice recording. In April 7th update, it apparently received increased usability with better zoom in capabilities and an eraser feature. Its developer is Viet Tran, an independent developer based out of Minneapolis. The app runs $5.99.

Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret HD– Moving all the way down to #41, we come to the next new adventure-style puzzle game from veteran casual games developer Big Fish Games, Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret HD. Free to download, players unlock the full game through an in-app purchase of $4.99. However, that cost is currently marked down 50% as a launch special. In the game, players take the role of a young woman who awakens in an undersea temple as they solve the mystery of who and where they are.

Big Time Gangsta — Coincidentally, Glu Mobile’s social-style gang RPG, Big Time Gangsta is also #45 on the top grossing iPad apps list as well. A freemium game, monetizing with the in-app purchases of both virtual and in-game currency, the core play is the exact same as the iPhone rendition.