Emma Stone Rocks the Cover of WSJ. Magazine

A stunner from photographer Angelo Pennetta and stylist Francesca Burns.

We love this cover.


The photo, shot in Malibu in April, is the work of Angelo Pennetta, a photographer whose elegant compositions have graced innumerable magazines. In this case, veteran stylist Francesca Burns deserves some hearty credit as well for picking out the cashmere blanket scarf. The striking accessory, which retails from The Elder Statesman for $2,100, really makes the shot.

The accompanying article by Josh Eells begins with yet another reason to admire the radiant and ridiculously talented Stone:

Tucked into a corner booth at a seafood restaurant off the Pacific Coast Highway, Emma Stone listens attentively as a waiter with a handlebar mustache describes the evening’s specials: bluenose sea bass, whole branzino, grilled market-price lobster, fresh sea urchin, shellfish stew made with mussels and clams gathered from the ocean we can see out the window. Maybe it’s the candles, but Stone’s green eyes look even bigger than usual as she nods enthusiastically, taking it all in. Then the waiter turns to leave, and the 26-year-old actress lets the facade drop. “I was concentrating so hard on making my face look like I was listening that I totally forgot to listen,” she confesses. “I wasn’t listening at all!”

Ha ha. Been there, done that. Check out the rest of Pennetta’s photos (and additional, striking Burns-selected wardrobe) here.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.