Emojis Lead to Higher Engagement on Instagram (Report)

Everyone is using emojis on Instagram

Emojis are just one visual element that has become an integral part of how we communicate on social media. Not only is there an ever-expanding standard emoji library, there are platform-specific emojis and branded emojis, as well. According to a study from social media analytics firm Quintly, more than one-half of all Instagram posts included emojis.

Of the 20,000 Instagram profiles examined by Quintly, 56 percent used emojis during 2016. Experts are using emojis to appear more friendly, businesses are using them to tell stories in their marketing campaigns and users are evolving their own language. At this stage, emojis are a necessity on Instagram.

While emoji use grew on most Instagram profiles, according to the report, popular profiles used emojis more frequently than less popular pages. However, smaller profiles are catching on, and they increased their use of emojis nearly 40 percent. Emoji use on profiles with 10 million+ followers decreased 8.07 percent, which could have been caused by an influx of accounts into this bracket over the last year, according to the report. Overall, emoji use was up 19 percent last year.

This increase in use isn’t just brands jumping on a bandwagon; it is already delivering measurable results. Posts without emojis had an interaction rate of 1.77 percent. In contrast, the engagement rate on posts with emojis was about 2.07 percent, and the average increase in absolute interactions for posts with emojis was 43 percent.

Download the report for more information on the most popular emojis and the use of seasonal emojis.

Image on homepage courtesy of yayayoyo/iStock.